Showroom Cave Relax: a special event to celebrate tenth anniversary of Cave Relax <a href=”http://caverelax.com/nikki2011/1103/0304/May.04.html”>4 March 2011. Showroom photos</a> <a href=”http://caverelax.com/nikki2011/1103/0305/Mar.05.html”>5 March 2011. Tony & Merce Rossell came to the shop</a> <a href=”http://caverelax.com/nikki2011/1103/0306/Mar.06.html”>6 March 2011. Merce & Tony to Mt.Fuji

Cave Relax, the newspaper of our importers in Japan (22/03/2011)

From this week we have our new hand catalog, if you want to receive it, just send and email to <a href=”mailto:oriolrossell@oriolrossell.com”> oriolrossell@oriolrossell.com </a> <a href=”/uploads/files/Desplegable_OR10.pdf”> Download the new Catalog </a>

New Catalog 2011 (14/04/2011)